Founded: 1896
Theme: “125th Anniversary Grand Ball”
Photographer: Rudy Bierhuizen of Mike Posey Photography & Video

Charity: Her Majesty’s favorite charity is: Amigos for Christ, which she’s worked with the past four summers and plans to return for another in 2020. “Let me count the reasons I love Amigos for Christ, a nonprofit in Nicaragua that strives to bring clean water, education, healthcare and economic growth to some of the poorest areas of the country. … I think what makes it so special is its ability to maintain the dignity of the people it serves. … Amigos establishes relationships with the communities it partners with to create water systems where the residents work alongside the Amigos volunteers to bring much needed fresh water.”


Her Majesty Queen Nereus Miss Caroline Elizabeth Kavanaugh

Page Master Jonathan Sporl Breaux, with Maids Miss Morgan Maria Guerra, Miss Pierce Sicard St. Paul, Miss Jessica Rae Vadiee and Miss Caroline McDaniel Hughs, with Her Majesty Queen Nereus Miss Caroline Elizabeth Kavanaugh, and Maids Miss Adelayde Grace Rome, Miss Katherine Isabel Balart, Miss Morgan Elizabeth Martin and Miss Catherine Antoinette Kalifeh, and Page Master Michael Cook McNabb

For the 125th Anniversary Grand Ball, 27 past queens of Nereus returned to a place of honor (in year order): Mrs. Richard Trudeau Newman (1955 as Miss Elizabeth Carson Fox), Mrs. Edmund Morris Schenecker (1956 as Miss Nancy Weaks Trousdale), Mrs. Eugene Benton Vickery, Jr. (1961 as Miss Anne Saunders Porteous), Mrs. Keith Francis DeSonier (1970 as Miss Dale Marie Dane), Mrs. Douglas C. Compton (1971 as Miss Martha Joanne Fromherz), Ms. Anne Delery Comarda (1977 as Miss Anne Helena Delery), Mrs. Robert Patrick Rodrigue (1978 as Miss Mary Brooks Soule Allen), Mrs. David Nortman (1979 as Miss Catherine Margaret Cobb), Mrs. Robert Bradley Ramirez (1980 as Miss Mary Anderson Mackie), Mrs. Jonathon Jay Rynning (1981 as Miss Adrienne Gage Hammer), Mrs. Bruce Sossaman (1982 as Miss Lizette Marie St. Paul), Mrs. G. Roth Kehoe III (1988 as Miss Debra Jean Renaudin), Mrs. C. Fred Mentz (1989 as Miss Holly Marie Kuebel), Mrs. Evans Martin McLeod (1991 as Miss Colleen Colton Eustis), Mrs. Ralph Gerard Breaux (1994 as Miss Gretchen Patricia Schonberg), Mrs. Clay Parker Kearney (1995 as Miss Mary Elise Lange), Mrs. Scott F. Roussel (1997 as Miss Ashley Cowand Schonberg), Ms. Charlotte Clare Colton (2003), Ms. Amy Elizabeth Comarda (2005), Dr. Amelia Fromherz Martin (2007), Mrs. Kurt Wolfe Fromherz (2008 as Miss Eugenie DeJean Grevemberg) and Ms. Mary Brooks Soulé Rodrigue (2010)