Year Founded: 1915
Theme: Osiris always has an Egyptian theme, reflecting its namesake
Photographer: Rudy Bierhuizen of Mike Posey Photography & Video

Charity: Her Majesty’s favorite nonprofit is OPTIONS, a charity that serves the developmentally disabled. She just finished a term on the board of Options, and remains active in supporting that organization and its projects.


Pages Master Tanner Alexander Robert and Master Adam Kennedy Talbot, with Her Majesty Queen Osiris Miss Ellen Lorraine Gambel, and Pages Master Thomas Edward Hulefeld and Michael Harrison Talbot

Her Majesty Queen Osiris Miss Ellen Lorraine Gambel

Pages Master Tanner Alexander Robert and Master Michael Harrison Talbot, with Princesses (standing) Miss Mary-Reynolds Jill LeBlanc, Miss Abigail Caroline Perez, Miss Elizabeth Wilder Drennan, Miss Elizabeth Gale Brooks, Miss Susan Rayne Swanson, Miss Serena Elizabeth Klebba, Miss Lauren Michelle Perlis, Miss Charlotte Hardin Kessler, Miss Julia McLain Pilant, Miss Rachel Keirsey Lavis and Miss Mikayla Wilhelmina Morse, with (seated) Maids Miss Camille Elise Ciolino, Miss Lydia Vivian Calhoun, Miss Laurel Ann Box, Miss Allyson Anna Pitalo, Miss Caroline Elizabeth Kavanaugh, Miss Adelayde Grace Rome, Miss Lindsey LeJeune Gibert and Miss Winifred Diane McCarthy, with Her Majesty Queen Osiris Miss Ellen Lorraine Gambel and Osiris, with (seated) Maids Miss Charlotte Hollingsworth Friend, Miss Morgan Elizabeth Martin, Miss Marcy Jean Williams, Miss Eastan Lee Thomas, Miss Caroline Louise Viator, Miss Kelly Manning Batt, Miss Bryce Reyne Arata and Miss Catherine Antoinette Kalifeh, with Princesses (standing) Miss Elizabeth Talbot Rogers, Miss Sydney Caroline Raymond, Miss Grayson Elizabeth Scott, Miss Margo Irene Gilthorpe Weese, Miss Eugenie Gardiner Selser, Miss Celia Louise Funderburk, Miss Charlotte Heyward Parrino, Miss Carolyn Taylor Bienvenu, Miss Riley Mains Brennan, Miss Melanie Kathleen Talbot and Miss Victoria Livaudais Nieset, and Pages Master Adam Kennedy Talbot and Master Thomas Edward Hulefeld