Co-Owners, Tooth & Nail Trading Co.

Krista DeJoseph is an artist and the owner of Queens Metal; Holly Williams is an artist and the owner of Small Change Finery. Together they’re Tooth & Nail Trading Co.

With their livelihood and their creative outlet being one in the same, “making jewelry is something that we can do for hours on end without growing tired or bored,” Williams says.

The opening of Tooth & Nail Trading Co. in June was a way to have a permanent home for both of their jewelry collections, as well as a place to sell other’s works. “We reached out to other artists and homegrown businesses around the country,” DeJoseph says, “which enables our store to carry more than jewelry, including purses, kitchen wares, furniture and a great collection of beautiful, unusual items you won’t see anywhere else.”

DeJoseph discovered the space on a Sunday, they signed the lease on a Monday, and after rallying their friends to help redecorate the space and create furniture, displays, signs and more, they opened their first brick-and-mortar location in less than a month.

DeJoseph and Williams are looking forward to a successful and fulfilling first year as shop owners, as well as the freedom that the storefront will afford them to experiment with new ideas and products.