After 12 failed attempts to purchase the perfect sofa, an exasperated client contacted Monique Breaux, hoping the interior designer could offer a fresh perspective on the home she and her husband recently poured their hearts and souls into building.

The modern-meets-classic, custom build, tucked away in South Lafayette had every architectural element the homeowners dreamed of — including a luxe courtyard pool and attached guest suite. The interior selections, on the other hand, left them scratching their heads.

“Sometimes clients tend to [get] so wrapped up in a project they don’t see it,” says Breaux, principal designer of Posh Exclusive Interiors. “When I first walked into this space, I knew exactly what it required.”

Breaux’s first order of business? Repurposing her clients’ existing pieces to function better in the space and create a more cohesive look. She then chose to anchor most of the rooms with bespoke furniture to “make the design come to life.”

The home features a classic, neutral palette. But, it doesn’t shy away from making statements — from a dramatic chandelier over the master bed, evoking a golden sunburst with cascading crystal droplets, to a Ralph Lauren-inspired guest room.

Breaux brought in custom light fixtures and wallpaper, influenced by her work in Manhattan. She says she has never been one to follow design fads, but appreciates pieces that will push a look to the next level.

“Proper design must not only function with perfection, it must be welcoming and set a tone,” says Breaux. “Additionally, for entertaining, the design must be fabulous and bulletproof.”

Breaux says her clients couldn’t be happier with the final product, an interior that boasts the same attention to detail as they put into building the home. With more than 26 years of design experience, Breaux says anytime clients have trouble figuring out a space, she always goes back to proportion and scale.

“If it’s not right, stop!” she stresses. “Less is more.”