La Nuit Theater

2301 Soniat St. | New Orleans | 504.899.0336 | Owner, Artistic Director: Yvonne Landry
General Manager: Nick Lopez
La Nuit Comedy Theater is home to the city’s most exciting and original
comedy shows, including Chicago-style improv, Pro-Am stand-up and
all-ages comedy for your kids or company. La Nuit is also home to the Comedy Conservatory, the premier comedy training center in the Gulf South.
Comedy Conservatory classes are split into four levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. Cost: $300 for 8 weeks. To sign up or for information, please
contact Yvonne Landry at 504-231-7011.
god’s been drinking | A squad of veteran improvisers who take only one audience suggestion and create a one-act play with recurring characters and themes. Count on the result to be hilarious.

open-mic stand-up | Friday nights, 8:30. Pros and amateurs and everything in between, but the throngs of fans that come out to see ‘em agree that it is the most fun you can have with two feet on the floor.

comedysportz nola | The traditional format of a ComedySportz show features two teams of improvisational performers competing in various improv games and performing scenes with audience members judging the results and awarding points.

rabbit hole: experimental theater | Thursdays
If it’s too weird, short or unprofitable for other theaters, we want it!

improvised stand-up | Saturdays, 9 p.m. See veteran
improvisers match wits against our awesome stand-up comedians.

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