Pegged to the real Ms. Fleurty Girl’s upcoming wedding, the company debuted its wedding cake pulls last week. The line also includes bridesmaid charm ribbon pulls. Ribbon and cake pulls date back to the Victorian Era. Ribbon pulling consisted of a bride placing a charm at the end of a ribbon and having the ribbons placed in her wedding cake. Each charm represented the good luck and good fortune that the bride wished on all of her friends.

This blogger is three for three on pulling the ring charm out of the cakes of family and friends. But until I’m planning my own wedding, which the ring charm symbolizes, I'll continue to bring you, dear readers, the best in wedding news. 

The Fleurty Girl set includes nine different New Orleans themed charms for brides to gift their maids.


Fleurty Girl charms and their meanings include:

Fleur de Lis – wealth

Streetcar – travel

Carriage – romantic life

Riverboat – Big Easy life

Pelican – children

Umbrella – celebration

Bean – luck

Hurricane – wild and crazy life

Pepper – hot romance



Find these charms and other wedding gifts at in the “Wedding & Engagement” section.