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Fleurty Girl and Native Polish add a little something extra to your gift

Last week, we highlighted Poppy Tooker and Chef Tenney Flynn’s new cookbooks as a fun way to add a little New Orleans into your wedding gifts. This week, Fleurty Girl announced the return of the roux spoon to their multiple locations (and online store).

These roux spoons are not only chic, but also practical, available for both left-handed and right-handed home chefs and will match perfectly with the aforementioned cookbooks. Though the creator is not listed in their post, Fleurty Girl ensures that they are made in Louisiana, which gives it that cooking seal of approval if you ask us.

The spoons are available to buy online or at the Fleurty Girl Instagram page.

Additionally, Native Polish – the locally-made, chemical-free nail polish company – announced the launch of the Fan Flair line. This line includes colors like “Gleason Grit,” “#9” and “Dancin’ Sneaks.” Not only are these great gifts for any occasion – we love the idea of gifting them to your favorite maids or adding them into a New Orleans-themed welcome basket – a portion of the proceeds of “Gleason Grit” will be donated to Steve Gleason’s Team Gleason charity.

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