Don’t stress about how you’re going to make it to your wedding. With its numerous options for couples — no matter if you want to make it to your ceremony by land, air or sea — in New Orleans, you can arrive in style. Each choice has its own charm and beauty and can be perfectly tailored to your wedding ceremony, so all you have to do is enjoy the ride.

Horse and carriage: The classic New Orleans mode of wedding transportation, the horse and carriage is the perfect image of marital bliss. Enter your ceremony as if you are in your own personal fairytale. Royal Carriages has been a New Orleans institution since 1941 and provides several options to its guests.

Streetcar: Seat 40 to 50 of your guests in a classic New Orleans streetcar by chartering one from the city. You can create your own route, bring food and drink onto the streetcar and decorate it to your heart’s content. It’s a mode of transportation steeped in history but customizable to your goals.

Limo: They’re typical of weddings for a reason — the luxury and comfort of a limo is tough to beat. Sip champagne and settle into the rich leather interior while a chauffeur drives you to your special day. American Luxury Limousines offers limos that fit six and eight guests and are available day and night.

Rolls Royce: A classic Rolls Royce or antique Bentley exudes vintage luxury and style and allows you to transcend time. Arrive at your wedding in true elegance and enjoy the plush leather seating and complementary champagne in VIP Transportation’s antique English motorcars.

Pedi cab: Whether it’s your main means of transportation for your ceremony, a bachelor or bachelorette party visit to the French Quarter, or you put a coupon for a free ride in your wedding gift bag, these chauffeur driven bicycles provide a fun means to explore the city and offer a quick getaway when necessary.

Sports car: Go full speed ahead and pull up to your wedding in an exotic sports car. Pick from choices such as a brand new Ferrari, Aston Martin, Maserati, Lamborghini or Porsche and show your guests that you’re not holding anything back.

Motorcycle or Scooter: Get a fleet of motorcycles or scooters to carry you, your beloved and your guests to your wedding. Pick between classic Harleys, Indian Chiefs or BMWs on the motorcycle side or hop on a Genuine Buddy scooter with your pals and fly through the New Orleans streets. and

Tandem bike: Prove your commitment to fun, whimsy and teamwork by renting a tandem bike on your Big Day. The American Bicycle Rental Company, a New Orleans family company, gets its bicycles made specifically for the wear and tear of the Big Easy’s streets, so that the beginning of your marriage isn’t too bumpy.

Party bus: Why not rent a party bus? Champagne chillers, accent and fiber optic lighting, flat screen TVs, a mirrored ceiling and a dancing pole — gasp! — (in case you want to show off your moves) are a few of the amenities. The buses range in size, running from 22 to 45 passenger limits, and Royal Coach will meet all of your specifications.

Helicopter: The party begins and ends when you show up or leave in a helicopter, and it is sure to be a memorable ride as you fly farther and farther away from New Orleans and view the city sprawling alongside the Mississippi River.

Hot Air Balloon: Nothing is more romantic than a hot air balloon ride, so up the ante and rent one for your wedding. Float away with your honey and grab some majestic views of New Orleans and your own event. Maybe toss in a champagne brunch before or after.

Gondola – City Park: If you’re near City Park for your wedding, a gondola ride is a must. Glide through the smooth waters of the park and have a private, relaxing moment with your new partner in life and love. If you want to bring guests, the boat carries up to six.

Yacht: Charter a yacht and party all the way to the altar. Watch the sun set and enjoy balmy breezes as you float through the waters of Lake Pontchartrain. If you’re up to it, have the captain of the ship officiate the wedding. The options are endless when luxury is your focus.