Baton Rouge native Langston Galloway is currently adjusting to being back in Louisiana. He spent two seasons with the New York Knicks, the second of which he played in every game and averaged 7.6 points, 3.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists. Before that, he played at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, where as a freshman he earned Atlantic 10 All-Rookie team and Philadelphia Big 5 Rookie of the Year honors, and finished his time there as the second all-time leading scorer in the program’s history. But when the Pelicans offered Galloway a two-year contract with the team, valued just under $10 million and including a player option for the second year, he headed back to his home state. He has already had to adjust to the hazards of Louisiana life: Just a month before training camp, catastrophic flooding hit his home city damaging his wife’s family home. But just like he is on the court, an expert ball-handler who shows versatility by being able to play both point and shooting guard, he seems to be juggling dealing with the aftermath and preparing for the upcoming season with aplomb – even making time to help others.

Q: You’re from Baton Rouge. How did your family do in the flooding? How did it affect you? My wife’s parents’ house was pretty much completely wiped out. We’re just trying to salvage what we can and rebuild. We’re starting from the ground up. A few of my family and friends were affected, but hey – we’re still strong and we’ll continue to come back from this.

Q: You’ve worked with kids there, too, right?  [Before the floods] over the summer I had an event with the kids, a camp – my first camp – in Baton Rouge. It was a free clinic for 100 kids. It was a great turnout; so many parents came out, it was just amazing. Also, between myself and the NBPA (National Basketball Players Association), we donated $2,500 to the Foundation for the East Baton Rouge School System, just to help out the schools with technology, uniforms, school supplies – anything they need.

Q: Besides all of that, what’s it like being able to come back to Louisiana to play? I’m loving it. I’m pretty much just getting adjusted back to that Louisiana life. I hadn’t been here in about six years, so it’s pretty cool being back in the state I was born and raised in. I’m pretty much an hour drive from back home. It’s pretty cool, but I know at the same time I’m in this adventure to help the cause in any way I can by going out there and playing hard.

Q: What things about Louisiana life have you had to readjust to? Just knowing the areas again. I rarely came down to New Orleans when I was younger. Me and my wife are just venturing out and enjoying the pretty cool areas in New Orleans. We live in the CBD. We’re pretty adventurous. We like to go bowling, we like to go watch movies and occasionally go and check out some of the jazz spots around town. We’ve checked out Domenica, that’s was pretty cool; and my wife loves charbroiled oysters, so we go to Drago’s.

Q: What role do you see yourself playing on the team this season? I mean, really just trying to find my niche and just go out there and play hard. Wherever coach wants me, wherever he puts me on the floor, I’m going to go out there and play my heart out and just try to leave it all out there so we end up winning at the end of the day. That’s what it comes down to.

Q: What’s it like getting to know the other players? It’s a great group of guys, real personable. The professional level of the roster is definitely raised up. We’re definitely excited for training camp to start up and get going.


Occupation: Guard, New Orleans Pelicans Age: 24 Born/raised: Baton Rouge Education: Christian Life Academy, St. Joseph’s University Resides: CBD Family: Wife, Sabrina Galloway Favorite movie: “My favorite movie of all time is Space Jam, and my wife and I love Love & Basketball.” Favorite book: The Alchemist, poetry books (Langston Hughes) Favorite TV show: “Ballers,” “Survivor’s Remorse,” “Power” Favorite food: Catfish étouffée Favorite vacation spot: St. Lucia


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I’m not a scratch golfer, but I’m under 100. I’m a pretty good golfer.