NEW ORLEANS (press release) – With two tropical systems currently in the Gulf of Mexico, now is the best time to get you and your pet prepared for any storm that may come our way.

  • Keep up with any weather updates issues by local news stations or the National Weather Service
  • Locate copies of your pet’s medical records in case you need to evacuate
  • If you do not already have one, get a portable crate or pet carrier for your pet to use in case of evacuation
  • Make sure you have enough water and perishable food in case you lose power and
  • Make sure your pet has enough supplies to get through any periods of lost power.

Additionally, make sure you’re prepared for evacuation.

Natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods are out of our control.  However, planning for a disaster is something we can all do.  Prepare, provide and protect your pets this hurricane season. Just like other members of your household, emergency planning for your pets requires supplies and advance preparation. The supplies you gather should be able to provide for your pet for at least five days. Along with the list below, print and use this evacuation checklist in the case of an emergency.

Evacuation Checklist

  • Food and water. Keep food and water in an airtight, waterproof container. Water should be in addition to the water you need for yourself and family.
  • Medicine and medical records. Keep an extra supply of medicine your pet takes on a regular basis in a waterproof container. All boarding facilities and veterinarian offices require proof of immunization before accepting animals.
  • Collar with ID tag, harness or leash. Your pet should wear a collar with its rabies tag and identification at all times. Include a backup leash, collar and ID tag.
  • Documents. Place copies of your pet’s registration information, adoption papers, vaccination documents and medical records in a clear plastic bag or waterproof container. Talk to your veterinarian about permanent identification such a microchipping and enrolling your pet in a recovery database.
  • Crate or other pet carrier. Get a portable, secure and covered pet carrier in advance. Carrier should be large enough so that your pet can completely turn around, and lie down. Mark your name, address, phone number and an alternate contact on the carrier.
  • Sanitation. Include pet litter, newspapers, towels, plastic trash bags and household chlorine bleach. Do not use scented or color safe bleaches, or those with added cleaners. Use 16 drops of regular bleach per gallon of water.
  • Stay Informed. Know what types of emergencies are likely to affect your region as well as emergency plans that have been established by your local state and government.

Orleans Parish residents who require assistance to evacuate are urged to register with the City of New Orleans to participate in the City Assisted Evacuation Plan (CAEP). This plan includes both residents and their pets. Citizens can register by dialing 311. For more information about how to prepare for your pets during hurricane season, visit or call 1-800-BE-READY.