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World Cocktail Week 2010 has been declared and, in New Orleans, there will be a celebration on World Cocktail Day: Thurs., May 13. That becomes doubly important for our city because here within the Riverwalk Festival Marketplace, on the banks of the Mississippi River, is the Museum of the American Cocktail.

Great mixologists and bar professionals from around the world have breathed life into this project and so, appropriately, New Orleans is truly home to international cocktail culture.

Again this year, there will be a gathering at the museum to celebrate the talents of our local bar chefs, as well as to enjoy their concoctions, made of fine spirits and quality fresh ingredients from around the world. And again, we will be honored with the presence of the greatest names in the adult-drinks business, among them, King Cocktail Dale DeGroff.

DeGroff and New Orleans’ own Chris McMillian will present to the assembled acolytes a drink, among many, born of unlikely ingredients: both Fire and Ice. You shouldn’t miss this party, if for no other reason than to see this drink come together and be shared.

Fire and Ice The Home Version
4 ounces Knob Creek Small Batch Bourbon
1 ounce boiling water
2 Tablespoons superfine sugar
1 ounce simple syrup, or to taste
fresh mint for garnish
Pour the boiling water into a silver (metal) glass or shaker, followed by 1.5 ounces of Knob Creek Small Batch Bourbon. Ignite the whiskey with a long taper, keeping all clothing, textiles and you away from the flame. Add remaining Bourbon carefully by pouring slowly from above. Add a small amount, 1/2 ounce simple syrup the same way. Now cover the “glass” to douse the flames and immediately fill with crushed ice. Stir and taste. Adjust for strength and sweetness if necessary. Serve over fine ice in goblets or “rocks” glasses, with fresh mint adorning the top. Dust serving glasses with castor sugar if desired. Serves 2.

For full information on World Cocktail Day and The Museum of the American Cocktail, visit

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