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Beer and cheese

It trips so easily off the tongue: Wine and cheese pairing. Now try this tongue-twister: Beer and cheese pairing.

Not only does it sound a lot like a hot August night without air conditioning, it doesn’t even sound good.

You should try it. It works. Stick to some basic guidelines and you’ll do well, amaze your friends and create a pretty good summer snack, while slaking a summer thirst.
With ales, go with firm cheese, such as Cheddar or Gouda, to work with the hoppy and malt flavors, along with the sometimes sweeter style of the beer.

Bolder Lagers really shine with denser, creamier, richer cheeses, such as – get ready to be surprised – Brie or chèvre.

Bocks shine next to smoked baby Swiss, pecorino or sharp Cheddar.

And those big, big porters and stouts love the nuttiness and sweetness of Gorgonzola and Coulommiers.

New Orleans’ grandest Cheese Monger, Richard Sutton of St. James Cheese Company, can provide some really fascinating cheeses to satisfy and even cleanse the palate in the company of beers.

Try them all. Mix and match. Oh, and stay in the air conditioning.

More ideas:
Ales – L’Amuse, aged Gouda, Netherlands; Vella Dry Jack, California.
Lagers – Camembert, France; Delice de Bourgogne, France
Bocks – Cabot Cloth-Bound Cheddar, Vermont; Marimoto Soba Ale Cheddar, Oregon
Porters & Stouts – Coolea, Gouda-based, Ireland; Appleby’s Cheshire, England  

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