Depending on our mood, our age, our location, or even what else we have planned for later, making the choice of what watering hole to patronize takes on shades of importance.

We are all quite fortunate to live in a place that offers every manner of drinking establishment, so no matter what the circumstance, there is a destination that is ideal for the moment. And, again, no matter what the choice, there is something very close.

That being noted and celebrated, with increasing frequency, we are opting for places that both allow for conversation and are capable of delivering an outstanding adult beverage.

Loa, the bar in the International House Hotel, is ethereal, almost mystical. That’s the idea. Loa, in the broad sense, are spirits in the Voodoo religion. They represent a range of emotions, but mostly are about contentment and peace.

The core philosophy of the bar demands absolutely fresh ingredients in the cocktail offerings. Alan and Nick scour the town to obtain raw materials, which are used directly or in tinctures of their creation. It makes all the difference.


The Honeycomb Old Fashioned

2 oz Evan Williams Single Barrel Whisky
4 dash Moroccan bitters
2 bar spoons local honey (Nick’ uses honey from his own hives)
Orange zest, muddled

Combine all ingredients into a bar glass, starting with orange zest. Add ice. Stir gently.

By Alan Walter and Nick Inman. Loa, International House Hotel, 221 Camp St., 553-9550,