The New Orleans summer heat is upon us, which means finding any and every way to stay cool. An icy, bubbly beverage is at once essential and decadent — especially when the bubbles are derived from champagne. If you were thinking ahead during strawberry season, you will have frozen a few batches of this sweet, spring fruit. If not, your favorite grocery store is sure to have loads of organic strawberries flash frozen at the peak of freshness. If strawberries aren’t your jam, feel free to double the raspberries or substitute with your favorite berry. Sometimes I’ll also muddle a little fresh mint in with the berries and lime juice to add another layer of flavor. To share this treat with others simply multiply the ingredients based on the number of guests (for four guests you’ll need 12 strawberries and 2 tablespoons of lime juice, for example). Enjoy inside, poolside or on the porch or patio. Cheers!


Melanie’s Berry Champagne Cocktail

3 strawberries
3 raspberries
½ tablespoon fresh lime juice

Rinse berries, remove the tops of strawberries, muddle them with two of the raspberries and lime juice or puree them in blender. Add mixture to flute or coupe, top with champagne and garnish with remaining berries.