This spring marks a year since I started a garden in our backyard. A few weeks ago, I sowed wildflower seeds in the rosemary bed I planted last year to increase the wild English garden vibes. Meanwhile, our raised bed is currently home to parsley, lemon thyme, basil and cilantro. The latter of which will soon likely expire due to the heat. There is plenty of room to plant a veggie or two, which I aim to start planning this weekend based on what’s available at the New Orleans Public Library’s Seed Library.

If you don’t already know about it, you can “check out” free seed packets at the Seed Libraries at:

  • Alvar Library
  • Cita Dennis Hubbell Library
  • Rosa F. Keller Library & Community Center
  • Mid-City Library
  • Milton H. Latter Memorial Library

The packets range from herbs to fruits and veggies that grow well locally, but what you get depends on what’s available. So, if you like adventure, hold onto your hat and enjoy the ride, because who knows what you’ll get. This happens to be my personal gardening ethos thus far, so it’s a win-win.

Here are the rules, according to the library’s website:

  • Seeds are only available at select locations with Seed Libraries during the Library’s regular hours of operation.
  • Seeds are free for New Orleans Public Library cardholders in good standing.
  • Library cardholders can borrow 3 packets per day.
  • Seeds are available first-come, first-served and cannot be placed on hold.
  • Seeds do not need to be returned.
  • The Library cannot accept returns or donations of seeds saved from plants grown by neighborhood gardeners. Small donations of packaged store-bought seeds may be accepted.

Happy planting!

Have you used the Seed Library or does a planless plan for your garden sound like your worst nightmare? Email Melanie to discuss or tell her she’s doing it all wrong at