How did you start designing?  I began designing out of necessity. I work in film and television and was constantly searching for simple, delicate designs. I decided it might be easier to make my own. I underestimated this endeavor. Using my kitchen as a workspace, I began teaching myself simple techniques. After many years of training and practice, I have fine-tuned Crowe into what it is today.

Where is your store located?  My store is located on Magazine Street behind my favorite boutique: Pilot and Powell.

What are some of your favorite pieces?  The ear jackets; the simplicity of the design makes them easy to add to any earrings. I can make an outfit into a statement with just a diamond ear jacket.

What do you think makes your jewelry different?  My pieces are a marriage between simplicity and originality. Each idea has a very organic feel while maintaining a level of femininity. You don’t have to buy a set to make it work. Crowe can complement traditional pieces that you already have in your jewelry box.

What’s coming up that you’re excited about?  I am hosting a piercing party at the store in December.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?  There are no rules in jewelry! You don’t have to be young to wear simple, dainty necklaces or mismatched ear jackets. Layering jewelry is easy and a great way to showcase your style. Come see me and we can pick out pieces together.


Crowe Jewelry

3903 Magazine St.