How can you tell a good dry cleaner?  If you walk in and smell that “dry clean” odor, that’s a sign of old technology that emits vapors, which isn’t good for you, your clothes or the environment.

What makes Liberto different?  We clean and press everything in-house with hand irons because hand pressing is more delicate with finer fabrics. I also think we’re the only cleaner with the owner’s personal cell phone number on the website. My customers have instant contact with me, and some like me to personally handle their clothes from start to finish.

Has technology changed?  Yes! We were the first cleaners in the Gulf South to install a wet-cleaning system, which is an eco-friendly alternative to dry cleaning for delicate dyes used in fabrics today. We can also text or email customers when orders are ready.

Tell us something most people don’t know?  Bedding should be cleaned weekly; we also clean feather pillows. It really helps get a good night’s rest!

What are the worst stains?  Blood, because there’s a lot of variability so we have to treat each stain as an isolated incident. The type of fabric that’s stained plays a huge part in whether the stain can be removed safely or not.

Can you give us some garment care advice?  The internet and old wives’ tales are not your friend when it comes to stain removal! Fabrics, dyes, methods and processes of making garments have evolved, so my best advice is: don’t touch the stain, bring it to us!

Liberto Cleaners

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