Leaf the Blues Behind

Since the economy is crazy, why not set a fall table with items you already own? I used lime green and turquoise for the color scheme, and a bathmat shaped like a leaf started the whole idea! Huge turquoise underlays made the leaf “pop,” and the single celebration vases were filled with pincushion protea and melon-colored roses. I looked in the closet for lime green plates and found turquoise napkins that are ringed by wooden zinnia lime green napkin rings. The only new items on the table are the flower votives that I found at Bella Nola.
The first course is served on antique oyster plates but instead of using oysters, we served crabmeat maison. For a touch of color, I cut hearts out of a red pepper with cookie cutters I found at William Sonoma. Barnes and Noble had a garnishing kit and book that I got last year for $9.95 and I had so much fun creating hearts, flowers for the children’s table, flowers out of Brussels sprouts and more.

The children’s table is set for our grandchildren, Cartan and Jack Church, who are almost three. I let them choose the centerpiece that was a colorful rooster and some yellow orchids. They decided on meatballs and spaghetti that we served in a hollowed out yellow squash that we got at the Farmer’s Market, and then we made Brussels sprout flowers. We made Jell-O jiggles and cut flowers out of the Jell-O and put those on the plates with carrot sticks. Hollowed out peppers were filled with carrot and raisin salad that we bought at Langenstein’s.

Once everyone had eaten, we turned on the jukebox, passed out rhythm instruments and put on our favorite wigs. Dancing and singing always makes it so much fun. Chalkboards and chalk can be the next activity, along with a bike ride or a walk in the park or around the neighborhood. Now that the weather is beautiful, enjoy the season with family and friends!
Leaf the Blues Behind
Note the tomato rose on top. Just use the peel from the tomato and curl it into a rose shape and hold it together with a piece of a toothpick.
Leaf the Blues Behind
The adults’ table uses the same color scheme, but with more easily breakable items. Find those old wine glasses in the closet and paint them. Check out my two books for the directions or go to your favorite craft store and they’ll tell you what paints to get.
Leaf the Blues Behind
Use what you have! Get out your beautiful oyster plates and put crabmeat on oyster shells.
Leaf the Blues Behind
Cartan and Jack Church, ready to help set the table.

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