When you have a runny nose, sore throat, and a fever, you generally know where to turn for help—your doctor. But when you have a complex business problem buried in the fine print of multiple contracts connecting numerous parties and involving philosophical or ethical dilemmas, it’s not always quite as clear to whom you should turn for help. Legal resources—while prevalent in New Orleans—are not always as easily distinguished or widely recognized, so this month we aim to make finding help a little easier. The legal world is complex, but it’s the job of an attorney to break it down and make it manageable for you, your family, or your business.

Chehardy Sherman Williams

Chehardy Sherman Williams has been a leading law firm serving Southeastern Louisiana since 1989, putting decades of legal practice to work for its clients and offering more personalized services. From businesses and individuals across more than ten practice areas, their team of attorneys provides more experience and more representation.

Fully acknowledging how overwhelming any legal matter can be, the firm is dedicated to guiding clients from beginning to end with a steadfast commitment to each. Every attorney takes the time to discuss the details of each case, ensuring that the client is comfortable throughout the entire process.

The firm can help resolve a wide range of complex legal issues in all courts, including parish, state, and federal branches. They have represented cases across Louisiana and the country. Armed with a profound and comprehensive knowledge of the legal system, they are devoted to protecting legal rights while upholding the highest standards of the justice system.

Chehardy Sherman Williams has offices in Metairie and Hammond. For more information on the firm’s practice areas, attorneys, and legal approach, visit Chehardy.com or call 504-833-5600.