“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” –Henry Ford

Lesley Norwood Davis is ensuring meaningful volunteer experiences for more than 2,200 women as the Membership Council Director for the Junior League of New Orleans Board of Directors. This role enables Lesley to utilize her cultivated relationship building and communications skills to develop members to their greatest potential. In addition to supporting membership morale and recognition, she oversees the committees that design leadership and training opportunities. Her work often entails providing a forum for discussing and brainstorming initiatives and policies related to member satisfaction. Lesley also relays information and makes strategic planning suggestions to the Board in the areas of Provisional education, Active placement, Sustainer engagement, volunteer opportunities, retention, standards and training.

Having joined JLNO in 2009, Lesley has split her service between the Planning & Development and Membership Councils. Lesley has most recently shared the responsibility of educating and acclimating the newest – or Provisional – JLNO members. She has helped guide women through their first year within the organization, helping them understand the volunteer and training opportunities available to them as well as the many ways they can connect with others. She loves that 2,200 diverse women can come together to help the metro area. She’s met so many women with many different backgrounds, political views, careers, lifestyles and hobbies, but they are all passionate about giving back and advancing the wellbeing of women. Being a member of JLNO is an immediate bond, and the positive community impact is tremendous. When Lesley is volunteering at Bloomin’ Deals Thrift Shop, the Diaper Bank or any other project or partner location, she remembers that her time there contributes to the League volunteering 45,000 hours and investing $600,000 in Metropolitan New Orleans.

Lesley is from Brandon, Miss., and received a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Mississippi University for Women. She currently works as the Marketing Coordinator for Vinson Guard Service, Inc., a company delivering uniformed security services in six states with headquarters in New Orleans. She delivers content marketing, brand strategy and oversight, digital marketing, public relations materials, and general support regarding strategic decisions. She previously held communications positions at construction and engineering firms. Her hobbies include playing tennis, which she’s done since she was 12-years-old and on her university’s team. She also enjoys softball and discovering new places and events that New Orleans has to offer.

In June 2006, Lesley moved to New Orleans with a temp job, knowing no one. Now, Lesley lives in Lakeview with her husband, Ross, and their two pets – Minnie, a three-year-old pitbull mix, and Graham, a cantankerous 10-year-old cat. All the women in her family inspire Lesley. Her MeMaw never spoke an ill word of anyone and was truly content in the everyday “little things.” Lesley’s mother is one of the kindest and most mentally strong women she’s ever encountered. Her sister, who is ten years older, is such a selfless person who offers so much support. She wishes she could be everything that these three women are and were.

Lesley Norwood Davis, Membership Council Director