Letrainiump brings Synth-pop to the Bayou

Letrainiump is a new synth pop band in Lafayette that’s looking to get you moving with their music. Band members include Josef Barr, Stephen Clark, Konnor Arnaud and 24-year-old lead singer Tray Richard. Richard says, “We decided that everything we do should make you want to dance and move.”

The band formed after Richard spent time abroad doing mission work in Romania. “I started doing music when I moved to Lafayette at 18-years-old but I kind of gave up on it when I moved to Europe," said Richard." "It was during my time over there that I realized music was what made my heart beat.”  

After returning from Romania, Richard slowly started recruiting his musical friends for the band. For a while, the sound of the band was largely inconsistent, but one day during band practice their sound finally clicked. “One day we were trying to write a song with our guitar player and struggling, because we wanted it to have an old sound with a modern twist," said Richard. "At the next practice our guitar player was like I think I figured it out. He started playing and that’s when our snyth pop style was born. Essentially, we mixed the idea of doing a synth pop band and a funk band.”

After solidifying their sound, things started taking off for the band. “We made our debut at a music festival in Illinois, where we played this incredible set. No one knew us there and we started with a crowd of ten people, which eventually grew to 50 people,” said Richard. “I think that was the moment where we looked at each other and realized we had to take this seriously. When we got back we started debuting our music in Lafayette, and one of the first shows we put together drew in over 70 people who had never heard us before.”

Letrainiump brings Synth-pop to the Bayou Letrainiump brings Synth-pop to the Bayou

Richard’s time in Romania allowed him the time and space to realize that although some great Cajun and folk bands have come out of Lafayette, the sound of his band would be different, in a good way. “While I was in Europe I felt like I had to figure out who I was and rediscover what I was interested in,” said Richard. “Since we’re a Lafayette band, I had to figure out if our sound would reflect those of more traditional Cajun bands, so I started looking at guys like Keith Frank and Chris Ardoin. Eventually I had an epiphany moment, and realized my sound wouldn’t be anything like the guys from back then, but it would sound like me.”

After experiencing a relative level of success at their various shows last year, the band is looking to continue building their momentum by releasing their first single, “So Alive,” this weekend. The band hopes the single and the rest of their music will engage people and get them to go beyond a listening experience. “We structured our songs so that you can sing along with us, and feel like you’re part of the experience," said Richard. "It doesn’t take you long to figure out what you’re singing and this is one of our favorite songs that we’ve written together.” The release party will be held this weekend, April 15, from 9 p.m. to 12 p.m. at The Feed N Seed. After the release, “So Alive,” will be available on iTunes Spotify and SoundCloud. In addition to the release of their single, the band also has plans for an upcoming cross country tour with local band Social Circle

For more information about the band or their upcoming single, visit www.letrainiump.com



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