As we enter into the heat of summer and humidity of Louisiana weather, I find myself repeatedly saying “the only way out is through!”  Whether it’s trying to complete my morning run, getting my three-month-old to take a bottle, preparing to move houses (with said three-month-old), or gearing up for my role as Editor of Lagniappe, this mantra is sustaining me daily.

Looking through the pages of this current issue and reflecting on the role of the Junior League of New Orleans in our community, this adage seems to consistently resonate: the path out of any problem is often found by diving in and pushing ahead.  The women of JLNO’s annual WE Fellowship are prime examples, launching their dreams and building a business from the ground up.  The tireless efforts of our Diaper Bank leaders, expanding our reach across the community, are breaking through a problem towards the side of progress.  And of course I’m inspired by the participants of Freret 5K—I’m sure many were pushing through to cross the finish line.  

With JLNO’s 95th anniversary on the immediate horizon, our ability to persevere is without question.  Yet, as the pages of this and any other issue of Lagniappe will illustrate, our resolve is directly linked to our community with one another.  As I embark on this year of leadership with Lagniappe magazine, I will not only miss, but be so grateful for, the outgoing 2017-2018 Editorial Board: Emma Pegues, Stephanie Campani and Anna Kornick have been fantastic friends and colleagues.  

Though I will miss this year without them, it will be a pleasure to embark on another journey with our new JLNO editorial staff—getting out in the community and getting through our challenges together.


Letter from the 2018-19 Editor

Lacy McManus
Editor 2018-19