We’re sliding into summer like we’re scoring a homerun, and the end of another League Year has me contemplating transition.

Growing up, my family spent our summers in New York visiting family. My sister and I made a whole set of neighborhood friends up there who we spent our days running around with. When the sun went down, we always had our sweaters handy so we could continue playing in the chilly evening while the Northerners complained about the humidity. We spent those carefree summers chasing fireflies, reading in trees and being curious and interested in a different world. Those six weeks of exploration were always something to look forward to. Not just the reprieve from the heat but also from the daily grind of the life we knew best. There was always something new at the end of summer – new school clothes, new classrooms, new teachers.

Now, spring bleeds into summer, which doesn’t seem to have an end. My fiscal year ends, but the work never stops. Vacations still come annually, but there isn’t a prescribed time to escape anymore.

Except with Junior League. Summer always means transition. New faces to get to know. New stories to tell. New memories to make. New friends to meet. We’re introducing our 2017-2018 Board of Directors in this issue – a new set of leaders, filled with energy and flush with ideas for the new League year. These amazing women are shaping the future of the city of New Orleans with their vision and willingness to volunteer their talents. I admire your leadership and look forward to learning from you.

During the time I’ve served on the Lagniappe committee, I’ve been lucky to meet similarly inspiring women. Amanda Goldman, I learned so much from you. Thank you for showing me how it’s done. It is my honor to pass the torch to you, Emma. I can’t wait to see how you, Stephanie, Lacy and Michelle will improve the magazine. Jane and Maria, you bore this load with us, and it was truly wonderful to get to know you. You are all my neighborhood friends.

I think that my sister and I were adequately prepared to understand and deal with change because of our childhoods. But the bittersweet taste still lingers in the prepared. Thank you for enjoying this year with me. You’ve given me the greatest honor to be your editor.

I can’t wait to catch up with my neighborhood friends without looming deadlines and unwritten headlines. If it gets chilly, I’ll probably have a sweater to share with you.


Letter from the Editor

Lea Witkowski-Purl
Lagniappe Editor 2016-2017