Letter from the President

Letter from the President
Photo by: Jessica Bachmann

I never hear the word “tradition” as much as I do this time of year.

No matter what the occasion, tradition seems to be the main topic of discussion during the holidays. Everything from who is cooking the oyster dressing to what time everyone is arriving at the matriarch’s house is dictated by long-standing routines. Even holiday outings with friends having Old Fashions at Mandina’s on Christmas Eve are as much a result of ritual as a desire for revelry. Tradition is what brought us together in the past and what calls us back together year after year.

Yet there are always opportunities for new traditions to begin. Some are accidental, like the time I failed to rinse the brine off the turkey before baking it, but what if we chose to be intentional? On page 10, we highlight holidays from various religions and the different ways our members choose to celebrate the season. I personally became more aware of the meaning and schedule of Rosh Hashanah after reading this piece. Now that I have this knowledge, I plan to become more intentional about considering other observed holidays when scheduling meetings in order to ensure everyone can enjoy their celebrations without the additional stresses of juggling their personal commitments with committee meetings.

Finally, the holidays are mostly fun and joyous, but it can also be one of the most difficult times of the year if you’ve lost a loved one. Please remember to check in with your friends and colleagues who may be struggling with mental or emotional distress. Invite them to join in your family festivities. If they decline, call them that day or stop by with food for a short visit. They may be missing someone they loved dearly, and your act of kindness could remind them what the holiday season is all about. My late father is the reason I joined Junior League. I know he will be watching the rest of the family relegate me to only contributing one side dish this Christmas (since I can’t cook a turkey) and laughing from heaven.

Thanks to everyone for your hard work. Enjoy your holidays as well as being halfway through the League year!


Letter from the President

Christine M Vinson

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