We care over here!
Hello from Germany!
I would like to let you know that people over here in Germany are showing their support and compassion in whatever way they can. This is a tribute to New Orleans: www.stillneworleans.com.
Bastian Foerstner
Kiel, Germany

As a native 40 years removed, I was concerned that my favorite link to news and happenings in New Orleans had become a victim of Katrina. But on Nov. 25 in the true tradition of the postman, “Neither sleet nor snow nor rain (or as in your case) come hell or high water,” the November issue of New Orleans Magazine arrived.
I enjoyed Errol Laborde’s article “And now the Renaissance” and Bob Thomas’ recommendation that floodgates be used at the mouth of all the outfall canals. Pumping stations (should) be added in conjunction with the installation of these gates. This would remove the danger of these watery daggers aimed at the heart of the city and expedite the drainage from the city. Metairie pumping stations are all located at the lake and except for local flooding, Metairie escaped the catastrophe that hit New Orleans.
The existing pumping stations were constructed around the turn of the last century at the then existing city limits. Like the cemeteries, they mark the growth rings of the city.
As for Chalmette, it had never flooded until man intervened in the constructing of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet with no control for storm tides. People have been living there for 200 years and never suffered rooftop flooding until Betsy in 1965, a year after the outlet was completed. Now Katrina arrives 40 years later and does a repeat performance.
I say “amen” to Laborde’s recommendation that politics be removed from the school board as well as the levee board.
Bill Flanagan
Kingwood, Texas

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