Re: Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot column. September 2002 issue.

The recent articles in The Times-Picayune about the adventurers who traveled the Jefferson Highway from Winnipeg to New Orleans prompts me to let you know of my appreciation of your enlightening me about this historic road.

I had long been curious about the Jefferson Highway/Winnipeg Trail monument on St. Charles Avenue, and several years ago I inquired of you and Poydras as to its significance. You answered my question perfectly, and that background made my reading of this week’s Times-Picayune article all the more pleasurable. Cheers for you and Poydras,
Duncan Goldthwaite


Re: July 2005 issue.

I love your magazine! I am a dedicated reader of your publication and have visited your wonderful city too many times to count. There was a young lady that graced the cover of your July 2005 New Orleans Magazine. I received a copy at home and then when my wife and I visited New Orleans later that month and there was a copy in our hotel room. Just looking at the cover made us smile. In one of your future editions can you give a “general” update on her?

She always kind of stuck in my thoughts as the face before the storm.



Re: “Best in Dining” feature. December 2009 issue.

Congratulations to you on your December issue. It was such a pleasure to read the differentiation on your selection of restaurants and other supporting efforts. On a personal note it was not business as usual. The article resonates the comings and goings of the food service industry over the years. I have been in food service for more than six decades, currently serving as founder and president of Rainey’s Restaurant and Catering. My earlier years began at Solaire’s Grocery 201 Royal St., which opened the door for me to establish great lifetime relationships with people such as Stanley Jackson and Warren Le Ruth just to name a few, as well as a list of unending businesses.

Thanks again for making a difference!

George V. Rainey
New Orleans

Re: Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot column. November 2009 issue.

The Red Bird Inn was owned by the late Ernest Tubb, his wife and sons. I have had drinks with Ernest there. His son Justin is deceased. I have lost track of Tinker Tubb and their mom is likely deceased as well.

Ernest began as a sharecropper at Halton City, Texas (now a suburb of Fort Worth). He served his country overseas twice and came home a hero.

Then he settled in the Hurst/Euliss area (between Dallas and Fort Worth), writing, playing and singing country music.

From there [he moved to] Big D Jamboree, in Dallas; then to Nashville. He made many country stars famous and wealthy. He also founded the Ernest Tubb Record Shop and Country Music Program.

That program is the second longest running cowboy music program in the nation, second only to The Grand Ole Opry, in Nashville. Give it a listen on Saturday nights, after the Opry, starting at midnight.

Some further trivia: Ernest loved the fishermen of Lafitte and Westwego and played concerts for them for free. Ernest compared them to the folks with whom he was reared. I saw Ernest and Tinker in concert last in 1983 at the St. Bernard Civic Auditorium, and personally spoke to them for the last time. Ernest passed away the next year, ’84, and is interred in Fort Worth, Texas.

Carl R. Schomm


Re: “Toby Burroughs: Protector of German Shephards,” Local Color column, by George Gurtner. November 2009 issue.

In your November 2009 issue an article on pg. 64 concerns Toby Burroughs and her dog rescue work. I wish to make a donation to the work, and there is no mention of a mailing address. I have sent her a message to the e-mail address you list, but have received no response.

I would appreciate your advising me of a mailing address where a donation may be sent. I think that when you publish articles such as this you should furnish such an address: not everyone uses a computer.

Joseph H. Simpson

Ed. Reply: All checks can be made out to the New Orleans German Shepherd Rescue and mailed to 4301 Iberville St., New Orleans, LA 70119.

The following corrections are to the 2010 Guide to Schools which appeared in our December, 2009 issue:

Louise McGehee Elementary School (Pre-K- 8) has a total enrollment of 343 students. The average class size is 15.

The all-female school is non-denominational with a ratio of 8:1 students to faculty. There are 47 full-time faculty members. The school is located at 2343 Prytania St.; 561-1224. The top executive is Eileen Powers.

Louise McGehee High School has 130 female students. The average class size is 14. Student to faculty ratio is 5:1.

There are 26 full time faculty members.  Uniforms are required.   

Trinity Episcopal School’s correct phone number is 525-8661

Mount Carmel Academy’s top executive’s names is properly spelled Sister Camille Anne Campbell.

We regret any errors.

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