The Peace They Deserve
Re: “The Peace They Deserve …: Perspectives from the Coroner’s Office,” Crime Fighting column by Allen Johnson, Jr. November 2015 issue.

I’m a fan of Dr. Rouse’s, and I appreciate the eloquence of his words as he “spoke for the dead.” I understand, too, that the people who drowned had no idea where the water was coming from. Those of us who lived through it, though, know that most deaths, and most of the destruction, resulted from the failure of the flood protection system designed by the Corps of Engineers. That’s neither a small point nor an opinion, and it should have been mentioned somewhere in the story.

Linda Kocher
New Orleans

Editor’s Response: In our August issue Speaking Out editorial (“Katrina: In Fairness to the Feds”) we make the argument that the Corps’ failure to build a proper levee is partially due to local authority’s lack of oversight and failure to lobby for something better. If the federal government is to be totally blamed for the levee breaking, then it should at least be praised for financing the recovery, hardly any of which was paid by locals. Your point, nevertheless, is well taken.

Lawyers List Clarifications
Re: 2015 Top Lawyers, November 2015 issue. The following three listings, as provided by Professional Research Services, appeared incorrectly. See clarifications below.

Joe Marino
Criminal Attorney and Non-White Collar
Marino Criminal Law, LLC
501 Derbigny St.
Gretna, LA 70053
*Was listed incorrectly under “Bankruptcy”

Benjamin B. Saunders
Railroad Law
Davis & Saunders, PLC
400 Mariners Plaza Drive, Suite 401
Mandeville, LA 70448
(985) 612-3070
*Was listed incorrectly under “Administrative/Regulatory Law”

Suzanne Haik Terrell
Land Use and Zoning Law
Hangartner Rydberg and Terrell, LLC
701 Poydras St., Suite 310
New Orleans, LA 70139
*Was listed incorrectly as practicing in Metairie