Letters (May 2005)

The Forgotten Hospital
Re: “The Forgotten Apostle,” January 2005
As a frequent visitor to New Orleans and one of your subscribers, I was struck by the fact that Faith Dawson’s article on St. Jude made no mention of the world-renowned hospital founded by Danny Thomas. I just wondered?
Germantown, TenN.

GREYHOUNDs and chicken bones?
I am writing in response to your article “Planes, Trains and Boats” in the February issue. Apparently you have forgotten the other means of transportation: buses. You completely ignored Greyhound but wasted space with a whole long section about Amtrak, which no one rides anymore and which has to sponge off the government. Lots of airlines such as Delta and US Airways are going belly-up because they offer surly service, no amenities and cost a lot. Well, I’d rather get the same abuse on Greyhound and get there on the cheap. I’m not the only one who doesn’t mind a few chicken bones here and there because those buses are always bursting at the seams with passengers. A future travel article could even be about a long weekend going to San Antonio by bus.
Also, why did your article about Mexico tell people not to eat from street vendors? I ate dozens of tacos in Mexico City from street vendors, never had a problem. Where do you think celebrity chefs get their fusion ideas from? Authentic marketplaces – not tourist restaurants where the glamorous servers glare at you if you don’t have a jacket and tie on, or are at all misshapen.
Ian Goldenberg
New Orleans

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