Letters to the Editor

Re: “A Christmas with Fewer Churches,” Speaking Out column. December 2008 issue.
We are natives of New Orleans who now live in St. Genevieve, Mo. (65 miles south of St. Louis along the Mississippi River). We still support many organizations there (such as WYES), and New Orleans Magazine helps us to “keep up” with the goings-on there.
Thanks very much for your article “A Christmas With Fewer Churches.” It was excellent in every regard and we congratulate you for having the courage to say what is so sorely needed on this very touchy subject. While your words were frank and to the point, you were respectful, fair and not inflammatory, in our opinion.
As life-long Catholics, we’re especially dismayed by the situations at St. Henry and Our Lady of Good Counsel. You “hit the nail on the head” in many regards but especially in the paragraph that begins: “We know also that the Archdiocese knows that it can last longer than the resistance…” Sadly, we have found ourselves saying the very same thing.
We hope your article will have a positive impact in a situation that desperately needs fresh insight and new, truly two-way dialog as opposed to monologues and edicts.
Mary Lynne
and Larry Daigre
St. Genevieve, Mo.

Re: “New Orleans’ Best,” feature. January 2009 issue. Restaurant “Honor Roll” recognition.
Wanted to thank you and your staff for the recognition in the December issue. We strive to keep as close as possible to the old traditions, have second thoughts at times to modernize the menu and attitudes, your acknowledgement erases those thoughts.
We are proud of the city, the heritage and Tujague’s,especially proud to be so recognized in New Orleans Magazine.
Steven Latter
Owner, Tujague’s
New Orleans

More Moore
Re: Persona column, by Sue Strachan. December 2008 issue.
Dear Errol Laborde:
Thank you so much for the lovely feature on my father, Deacon John Moore, in the December issue of New Orleans Magazine. It was great to finally learn his secret: He’s a hopeless romantic! One item that needs correcting: my grandfather, Frank Peter Moore, didn’t play the banjo, nor did my paternal great-grandfather Frank Moore; rather, it was my maternal great-grandmother, John Boudreaux (on my grandmother’s side) who played banjo with the Creole Serenaders back in the 1930s. My grandmother, Rilda Augustine Moore, named my father after him. I hope you’ll make this correction in the next issue of New Orleans Magazine before all my aunts and uncles notice. Thank you!
Lisa C. Moore
Washington, D.C.

In the January 2009 issue’s Guide to Schools we mistakenly reported the University of New Orleans’ semester tuition. The correct figure is $1,190. We regret the error and any confusion it may have caused.

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