Tour Guide Defense

Hi, I am a proud graduate of the Friends of the Cabildo tour guide training class and I take direct exception to the article Chris Rose wrote about those of us who hold a tour guide license.  His characterization that placed all guides into the same category as the haunted tours is way off base! Seems to me had Mr. Rose taken either of the classes offered he would certainly have a different opinion than the one he put out in your magazine!  Those of us telling the accurate stories of New Orleans to our guests from around the world deserve an apology from this publication and Mr. Rose.

Barbara Miller, Slidell
Volunteer Tour Guide for Friends of the Cabildo


Ed. Response. We appreciate your sensitivity to your colleague tour guides. We have great respect for most tour guides, particularly those who work for institutions such as the Friends of the Cabildo. This article was written as a whimsical piece highlighting one very creative writer’s perceptions of his adventures. We trust our readers will see it that way.



“Fish on the Half Shell” July issue

As I read your inside column every month in New Orleans Magazine, this month I was looking for a “flashback”. I am a Houstonian with a lot of Nola ties and I can say, without a doubt, Houston inherited Redfish on the half shell from New Orleans restaurants.
At least 10 years ago, maybe longer, I vividly remember having the dish in New Orleans at Dante’s Kitchen. I, like you, am just finding it on certain menus in Houston but I’ve been duplicating the dish for over a decade because of my experience at Dante’s.
No biggie, but thought you should be aware. I imagine other New Orleans locals will remind you of Chef Loubier’s creation.
In my almost 20 years experience in Houston dining, there is rarely a dish originated here that’s not of Latin influence.
Enjoy your work.

Kyle Ward,


Ed. Response. Thank you. We are willing to concede that any gulf dish worth eating is a New Orleans invention.



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