Letters to the Editor

Re: Inside column. August 2008 issue.
Thank you so much for your kind words regarding nurses. While I realize you are reflecting on your experience with only a few of our members, it is still gratifying to hear appreciation for what nurses are to the health care system. Too often we only hear when there is a problem or when someone is angry. Your compassion to our young professional member is probably more valuable than you will ever know. Even though I am an “old” nurse, it still hurts to know that despite [our] best efforts [we] could not provide what was needed. It is hearing the comments of appreciation from our patients and their families and even our colleagues that makes all the hard work worthwhile. (Lest you think that is all I value, let me assure you that I am continually challenged to learn and think, to teach and to care for patients to the best of my ability. This is intrinsic to my professional life.)
I have often planned to write to the editor, but until now never have. I also made copies of your editorial and put them up for my colleagues to read (however, that is not a new practice).
Joan M. Breeden, RN
New Orleans
Thank you so very much for the positive editorial on nurses. You captured the essence of the role of the nurse: caring, technically adept, well-versed in the patient’s needs and status. You also saw the difficulties in this role: keeping realistic perceptions and being the middle person, trying not to get too involved so that you can help the family cope with difficult situations. As you stated, those people who work with the Alzheimer’s patients are special people. I know this because my mother has Alzheimer’s. I cared for her as long as I could; now she is at a nursing home with people who can care for her needs. I work with adults with cardiac problems and I feel that people who take care of patients who have cancer and those who take care of children are special. Our world is better because of these individuals. 
Jeanne Silva.
Re: Streetcar column. September 2008 issue.
I have been a subscriber to New Orleans Magazine for about a year and I enjoy it almost as much as I do visiting the city – which I do at every opportunity.
I enjoy many of the pieces you have written. But the article “The Praying Man,” in the September issue was absolutely outstanding. I thought you dealt with a very sensitive and difficult subject in a very mature and responsible way. You showed both though sincere compassion.
I have taken the liberty of replicating and using it in a number of my classes in political science and criminal justice. I am afraid I cannot offer you royalties – as well-earned as they may be.
I hope you continue with your outstanding work and contributions.
Philip D. Supina
Harrogate, Tenn.

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