Letters to the Editor

Re: “Anatomy of an Uptown Murder,” Crime Fighting column by Allen Johnson Jr. May 2008 issue.
I feel ashamed to say so, but your story, “Anatomy of an Uptown Murder,” was a very good read. My heart is still racing as I look over my shoulder to see who might walk in on me! Very descriptive, informative, yet concise writing. I will actually be keeping up with this story for new developments.
Good job Mr. Allen Johnson Jr.!
Eddie Brown Jr.
New Orleans

Re: Julia Street letter about lemon cookies. July 2008 issue.
I believe the lemon cookies that were referenced are Cats’ Tongues with lemon rind and lemon juice (Langues du chat). A recipe for this cookie can be found in The Art of Fine Baking by Paula Peck. (Copyright 1961, Galahad Books, New York City.)
David Friedman, Ph.D.
Potomac, Md.

Re: “Quirky New Orleans,” cover feature by Laura Claverie. June 2008 issue.
As a friend and fan of Laura Claverie and as a Louisianian too long removed from the state, I was charmed by Laura’s recent piece in your magazine about New Orleans attractions. That article ought to be be added to the Louisiana Constitution. It should be pasted on every lamp pole in in the French Quarter, printed on the back of restaurant checks and hotel receipts in New Orleans, scattered like doubloons at all the parades, left on every seat at the Superdome, made into a course at Tulane, added as a special section of The New York Times, and read on all the TV stations in New Orleans every October 27 to celebrate Pinckney’s Treaty and on all the radio stations west of the Mississippi on April 30 to celebrate the Louisiana Purchase.  
I have enjoyed Laura’s writing for decades and I am happy to add New Orleans Magazine to the reading list now.
George Foote
Washington, D.C.

Re: “Planning for 2018,” Speaking Out Column. July 2008 issue.
Thanks for reminding us all about the potential for the New Orleans lakefront. It has largely been forgotten since Katrina. Historically, the New Orleans lakefront was filled with hotels, restaurants, theaters, amusement parks and countless other destinations for the citizens of the region and tourists to enjoy. We’re fortunate that the lakefront could again provide many simple pleasures like just sitting enjoying breezes; watching pelicans or sunrises and sunsets; or a quiet walk, bike, run or a family picnic. West End is a diamond in the rough now. A rebirth of restaurants, the lighthouse and maybe even a tower could make it a destination again.
Carlton Dufrechou
Executive Director, Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation
New Orleans

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