Re: “Hurricane Seeding,” Speaking Out column. October 2008 issue.
We agree with your article on “Hurricane Seeding” and that it should be tried again. If it works, just think of the billions of dollars that would be saved by not having to rebuild cities, the number of people who wouldn’t have to spend a fortune evacuating every time a storm approaches, plus the cost of paying people to rebuild their homes. If they would get off their duffs and start seriously funding and rebuilding our coast, we wouldn’t have the devastation we have had with the recent storms. If more money was put toward our coastline instead of just levees, we would all be much better off. Levees only help those within, not the rest of us, and they aren’t even strong enough by themselves to withstand the storm surge. We need the miles of wetlands to buffer the surge and knock down the damaging winds.
Also, instead of the Army Corps of Engineers putting up floodgates by each canal leading from the lake into the New Orleans area, why not just put on[e] out by Lake Borgne near Fort Pike. It would save money and would protect those on the north and south shores from the storm surge getting into the lake in the first place.
We still say they should let the Dutch come over and do it and it would be done right and would be less costly. They know what they’re doing!
Chris and Gail Ybarzabal

I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts on seeding hurricanes with dry ice to cool and weaken them. A Civil Engineer friend told me of another idea proposed by a company that applied for permits to build 50 LNG ports on the gulf coasts of Louisiana and Texas to liquify natural gas that is shipped here in a frozen state. It must then be brought to a normal temperature. The company planned to use the warm Gulf water to convert the gas. The cold water returned to the Gulf could, it’s believed, lower the gulf temperature a degree or two, which many experts believe is enough to slow or weaken a hurricane. The company was granted a permit to build just one, not the 50 requested. What reason do you imagine they gave for refusing to permit more? “Why, what’s going to happen to the fish?” (My answer: I don’t know… what do they do in winter?)
Ray Saadi

Re: “Upscale Burgers and Easy Dogs,” Table Talk column by Jay Forman. November 2008 issue.
On behalf of my partners, Alice Shaffer, Todd Shaffer and myself, I want to thank you for your very kind review of Easy Dogs in the November issue of New Orleans Magazine. A recent death in our immediate family has meant that we’ve had to commute regularly between New Orleans and Atlanta and put the restaurant on “sabbatical.”
We hope that New Orleans has not heard the end of Easy Dogs and in the meantime, Todd has decided to take his Let’s Make a Wheel of Bingo show to some other venues around New Orleans.
Again, thanks so much for including us in the hot dog and hamburger review. We all enjoy the magazine and are regular readers. We also had always said that we knew we’d ‘made it’ when we appeared in New Orleans Magazine.
Judy Reagan,
Easy Dogs LLC

In the article “Dangerous Streets” which appeared in our December issue, Assistant Superintendent Marlon Defillo of the New Orleans Police Department was incorrectly referred to by the first name of Marvin. We regret the error.

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