Levee Exhibit Hall and Rain Garden: A powerful Katrina exhibit on the site of a major levee breach

Sandy Rosenthal is the founder of Levees.org and creator of the Levee Exhibit Hall and Rain Garden. With the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaching on August 29, 2015, many are looking back at this man-made disaster. As the world looked on in horror and disbelief, the levee breaches wreaked incalculable devastation and loss on New Orleans and the surrounding regions. The exhibit is located at 5000 Warrington Drive next to the London Avenue Canal, site of one of the major canal breaches that occurred in the aftermath of the storm.  

The beautiful open-air exhibit features six museum-quality panels along a 100-foot walkway. The eight-foot long panels tell the stories of all of the levee breaches that occurred in all of the city’s neighborhoods, and all of the lives the flooding impacted. These easy-to-read panels feature 40 photographs and include graphics that explain where the water came from and how the levees failed. Even a decade after Hurricane Katrina, visitors to this powerful exhibit will be moved by the barren slabs that once supported busy homes and the dying oak trees that were damaged by the salt water flood. For more information, visit Levees.org.




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