Once you are engaged, the flurry of picking flower arrangements, ordering the cake, choosing bridesmaids dresses (and 8,000 other tiny details) consume the minds of couples and those helping them plan the wedding. 

It’s nice, every once in a while, for the couple to remember why they are getting married — they are in love. That love should continue to grow even during the engagement period, which is traditionally a time for the couple to continue to get to know one another and deepen their commitment. 

We suggest fun date nights that include the couple’s interests and, if possible, provide a hint of romance. 

In the current issue of New Orleans Magazine the “Try This” column — penned by the writer of this post — is about an evening at The Saenger Theater. 

Next week, “An American In Paris” debuts the Saenger for a week-long stint. The play is inspired by the 1951 movie, of the same name, starring Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron, and was brought to the stage in 2015. Set in the city of love, and accompanied by award-winning choreography and set design, “An American in Paris” is sure to bring romance into your date night. 


Later in the season “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Waitress” are set to hit the stage, and also promise to add a little romance in the mix. Click here to see the full story