How did you start Little Travelers? Charlotte: After returning from a Mardi Gras vacation, we asked ourselves, with so many families visiting New Orleans, why is it so hard to find baby equipment rentals? So, when our little ones went back to school we threw ourselves into the idea and starting building the business.

What has made you successful? Rebecca: Knowing you have good equipment waiting in your home away from home makes traveling with babies much more relaxing and enjoyable. Also, Little Travelers provides complimentary delivery, setup and pickup to make accommodating our youngest visitors as easy as possible. No piece of equipment goes out if we wouldn’t want to use it with our own kids.

What are your most popular items? Charlotte: Car seats and strollers are the most popular items, closely followed by the Pack ’n Play. These are some of the essentials for babies to get around and sleep safely. We also have toys and more to help with downtime.

Can you give parents a tip on how to use your service? Rebecca: If you can, we encourage placing your order one to two weeks before your trip, but we do accommodate last-minute requests as well.

Who are your customers? Charlotte: We work with families traveling to New Orleans with young children. Whether visiting family or just wanting to explore a new city, New Orleans provides lots of hidden gems off the beaten path.

Tell us something unexpected about the business Rebecca: We were a little surprised at first that we get more calls from dads than moms.    

Are you working on anything exciting? Charlotte: Yes, we’re always updating our Family Guide with the latest happenings around town so we can let you know about the best places to enjoy New Orleans with kids.

Little Travelers