In an instant, a city street corner is filled with all manner of people and happenings, is transformed into a place filled with anticipation and promise. The distant wail of a siren draws everyone’s attention. The crowd settles in. The parade is imminently arriving. 

This is a scene repeated hundreds of times over the Carnival Season, and we never tire of the excitement, the thrill of it all. It’s euphoric. 

This year the talented team at Trenasse restaurant and bar on St. Charles Avenue, on the city’s main parade route, have created a drink that blends perfectly with the season and its trademark events. Why not carry the central theme of Carnival to its most logical and enjoyable conclusion? 

The cocktail looks festive and it is. Experienced parade watchers know well that passing parades demand beverages. It’s one of the cherished freedoms, a reward, for being somewhere that every other sybaritic adult and all children want to be: on the main Carnival parade route in New Orleans during one of the world’s greatest celebrations.

Mardi Gras Euphoria

1 oz.  Green Chartreuse

1 oz. Hendrick’s Gin

1/4 oz. Midori

Fresh-squeezed lemon

1 ½ oz. soda

Sprigs of fresh mint 

In a rocks glass or a go-cup, muddle mint with a splash of lemon juice. Splash 1 ½ oz. soda. Add lemon wedge for garnish.

Trenasse, 444 St. Charles Ave. in the InterContinental Hotel, 680-7000,