Lindsey Trist Brower and Richard Bradley Beard Jr. met through mutual friends at a dinner party in Oxford, Miss., while both were attending Ole Miss. After meeting Lindsey, Bradley asked her to dine at L&M’s Kitchen. Their first date was all it took, and they stayed together throughout college.

When Bradley decided he wanted to marry Lindsey, he planned the perfect proposal in New York City. Unfortunately due to weather complications, all inbound flights were cancelled and the proposal was slightly changed. Bradley then collaborated with Lindsey’s father, George, and Ti Martin to pull off the proposal at Commander’s Palace. The couple went to Lindsey’s great-aunt and uncle’s house, Ella and Dottie Brennan, for a pre-dinner cocktail and then walked to Commander’s to enjoy a romantic dinner. The two were taken to a private dining room, where Bradley proposed among roses, candles and champagne. After the proposal, Lindsey and Bradley went to the Garden Room to enjoy dinner. Little did Lindsey know that her parents and family friends were waiting to have a celebratory drink to congratulate the couple!

After the wedding, Lindsey and Bradley went to the One & Only Ocean Club in the Bahamas for seven days. The two reside in Houston, Texas, where Bradley is in the oil and gas industry.

 Bride:  Lindsey Trist Brower
 Groo m: Ric hard Bradley Beard Jr.
Bride’s Parents: Lauren Brower and George Brower
 Groom’s Parents:  Ellie Camberg and Roy Camberg, Maudie Beard and Richard B. Beard Sr.
 Date of Wedding:  June 1
 Ceremony Location:  St. Stephen’s Church
 Reception Location:  Kingsley House
 Coordinato r: Andre de L a Barre for A Majestic Soirée
Celebrant: Father Juan Torres and Father Thomas Bouterie
Ceremony Music: Rachel Van Voorhees
Wedding Gown: Wedding Belles
Maid of Honor: Jessica Talbot
Bridesmaids: Adelaide Beard, Sara Brennan, Kristen Brennan, CeeCee Cassidy, Kate duQuesnay, Hope Del Rio, Catie Graham, Rayne Housey, Molly Matesky, Brittany Maywalt, Whitney Pardew, Virginia Rundle, Grayson Spencer and Taylor Zimmerman
Junior Bridesmaids: Sophie Trist and Georgia Trist
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Wedding Belles
Flower Girl: Markie Batten
Ring Bearer: Boyce Batten
Groom’s Attire: Tuxedo with white dinner jacket from Perlis
Best Man: Will Beard
Groomsmen: Will Beckham, Austin Boudreaux, Brennan Brower, Geordie Brower, Trist Brower, Chase Davis, Thomas Gattis, Wade Holeman, Rob Lundell, Mac McCloud, Trey McGivern, Richard Perkins, Tyler Spofford and Ben Stocker
Ushers: John Hibbert, Pepper Baumer, Zach Chambers, Burke Thomas, Gene Allday, Blake Allday, David Stocker, Carlton Wilde and Patrick Nicholas
Groomsmen and Ushers’ Attire: Tuxedo with white dinner jacket
Rings: Zaddok, Houston
Florist: Dunn & Sonnier Flowers
Invitations: Scriptura
Caterer: Dickie Brennan Family Restaurants: Palace Cafe, Dickie Brennan Steakhouse, Bourbon House and Tableau
Wedding and Groom’s Cake: The Cake Diva
Photographer: Chris Bailey Photography
Videographer: Welliver Videography
Hair: Albert Brown Salon
Makeup: Make Me Up
Music: Cocktail Hour: Joe Simon’s Jazz Music; Reception: Bobby J and Stuff Like That