When starting a new business, it’s a no-brainer to want to put all the positive vibes you can into your company. That’s exactly what Chef Eric Cook was thinking when planning his latest venture, at 1800 Magazine St.

The intimate, chef’s table-inspired eatery in the building formerly occupied by Square Root was named after Cook and wife Robyn Cook’s recent fascination with the Voodoo religion. Though they don’t practice, they do have a few superstition​ like that of a gris-gris bag to protect their home from evil spirits. From the name to the vibe of the new restaurant, the couple wanted to make sure it was a “magical” experience for every diner.

Location Spotlight: Gris-Gris

Not only is this a restaurant and dining experience, Gris-Gris, serving “elevated New Orleans staples,” but also it can be rented out as an event space.

The first floor of the building serves as the chef’s table. Seating 16, this open kitchen concept allows visitors to interact directly with those creating their delicious eats.

The second floor consists of a bar and traditional table seating, with an additional wrap-around balcony that can accommodate up to 40 people for cocktail or dinner service. In addition to the restaurant area, the second floor features a new private dining and event space called the Samedi Room.

Location Spotlight: Gris-Gris

Named after Baron Samedi, a loa or spirit of Haitian and Louisiana Voodoo, the Samedi Room occupies the second and third floors of the building and almost feels like you’re walking into a chic apartment overlooking Magazine Street. The first floor of the Samedi Room has a full kitchen and dining room that seats 12 to 15 guests. The second floor (third floor of the building) has a living room-like area with a flat screen TV, dark blue couch and two balconies on either side. It is Magazine Street’s only third floor balcony.

Location Spotlight: Gris-Gris

Both floors can accommodate 40 guests for cocktail hour or standing room, which makes for a perfect welcome party location or small rehearsal dinner venue. The seated dining room is an elegant option for a “before the party” bachelor or bachelorette dinner.

If you’re looking to bring a few more people to the bash, we suggest renting out both the second-floor Gris-Gris bar and balcony, as well as the Samedi Room. This gives you endless options when it comes to food, cocktail set up and flow of guests throughout the space.

With the ability to hold 100 cocktail style, this room combination would be a perfect fit for a larger rehearsal dinner, engagement party or “Honey Do” shower.

Location Spotlight: Gris-Gris

Location Spotlight: Gris-Gris Location Spotlight: Gris-Gris

Location Spotlight: Gris-Gris


For more information on Gris-Gris or to book the Samedi Room, call 504-272-0241.



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