I hate to say something as unoriginal as: Makeup is a great way to look and feel younger! But the truth is, if you know a few tricks, makeup is, in fact, a pretty great way to look younger. For instance, as you get older your eyes can seem like they’re shrinking, so one of my favorite tricks is to swipe a creamy eyeliner pencil in dark brown across the creases of my eyelids, then fan it out in both directions and blend away, which brings back depth and structure. Anyone can make a few simple changes and look years younger, and below are five ways to do so.

Open Your Eyes: For a dramatic look I line only the upper lashes, since putting liner underneath your eyes can highlight dark circles and make your eyes appear smaller. Using a warm metallic – think peach, rose or gold – lights up the whole face. Just avoid silver or anything with gray in it, which draws out dark circles.

Don’t Be Afraid to Shine: Highlighting the cheekbones both illuminates the cheeks and brings attention to your eyes. To use it properly, use a soft, subtle iridescent shade of peach champagne (if it’s too white or too gold, it will look patchy); for dark skin, choose a bronzy hue for the same effect.

Fill In Your Brows: Our hair gets thinner as we get older, which is why lush, full brows are such a staple of youth. Even if you have naturally thick brows, I still like to fill them in with a little powder. Choose a shade somewhere between the color of your skin and the color of your brows.  Warning: Never try to reshape your eyebrows with the powder – you won’t fool anyone.

Warm Up: Apply bronzer to the forehead, the nose and cheeks, with an added layer on the cheekbones to make them look really sculpted. I prefer a powder formula with little or no iridescence. To continue that warmth, I use brown eyeliner; it’s much softer and more forgiving than black and is a huge trend for spring 2015.

Try Something Rosy: Rich lip color can make you look younger, and here’s why: Bright lipstick with pink undertones makes your skin look fresher. Unless your complexion is really ruddy, a pink, reddish pink or berry will give you perkier skin. The hottest trend in lips is Marsala. For fall think wine, but for spring and summer think more of rosy hue. Finding the right shade of rose will brighten your face, and you’ll barely need anything else.