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Losing Weight on the Go

Losing Weight on the GoFor many people, finding an effective way to lose weight can be difficult—almost as difficult as finding a few extra minutes in their jam-packed days.

In a world of exhausting commutes, long workdays and a multitude of daily chores and errands, the task of shedding those extra pounds can often fall to the wayside.

But with the right action plan, losing weight can be simple and easy, even for people with a limited amount of free time. Here are some tips for making weight loss part of your day, without sacrificing an excessive amount of time.

• Go the extra mile. A few extra blocks here and there can make a big difference in
your efforts to lose weight. If commuting by car, park farther away than usual.
Whenever you get the opportunity to take a few extra steps, do so. Those added steps will help a lot more than you realize.

A tool that may help is a pedometer that will track the amount of steps taken in a day.

(It’s a neat and fun way to challenge yourself.)

• Cut the fat off extra trips. If you’re considering joining a gym, find one that’s located close to your workplace. It’s more enticing and time efficient to attend a gym that’s along the path of your commute, not someplace outside of it.

• Drink less soda and more water. Soft drinks are loaded with sugar and add empty calories to your diet. Add flavor and variety to your water with slices of lemon, lime, orange, or even cucumber.

• Add activity wherever you can. Look for daily opportunities to burn extra calories. For instance, wash your car by hand, work manually in the garden or use a bike to do errands instead of a car. It may be easier than you think to blend chores and exercise.

• Always have a low-calorie meal at your fingertips.

To help avoid the temptation of eating unhealthy fast food when your time
is limited, make sure that you have a readily accessible alternative.

Hopefully, if you apply these tips, you should lose weight in an
effortless fashion.

Billy Katz and Hudson Ellis are the co-owners of Simply Fit gyms, located throughout the New Orleans area. Please email your health and fitness questions to health@saintcharlesavenue.com.

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