Julia Bland is CEO of the Louisiana Children’s Museum (LCM). The museum just received the nation’s highest museum honor, The National Medal for Museum and Library Service. The LCM faced stiff competition; competitors for the coveted award included over 35,000 museums and libraries throughout the country. The Louisiana Children’s Museum was one of ten museums and libraries that received the honor in 2015. The award recognizes LCM's outstanding programs, services, and creative outreach initiatives that embody service to the community. As Julia notes, “In the city that we live in, and the state we live in, and with the issues that young children have, we have felt that it’s more important to step out and be very focused about engaging families in our work."

The LCM developed these children's and family programs based on knowledge of early childhood development and on the latest findings in neuroscience research. To learn more about our nationally recognized children’s museum, visit lcm.org.



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