NEW ORLEANS (press release) – The Louisiana Children’s Museum (LCM) is excited to announce a new brand and logo that will be incorporated throughout its new home in City Park, reflective of the museum’s expanded mission and vision. The logo was revealed on the exterior of the new museum at 15 Henry Thomas Drive in New Orleans City Park yesterday.

The new brand incorporates a child’s illustration featured in the logo, as well as many others that will be present throughout the museum. The colors chosen for the new brand reflect the vibrancy of nature that surrounds the museum and energy of the exhibits and children.

“We’ve been collecting the children’s drawings that are incorporated in the new brand, and throughout the new museum, for years,” said Julia Bland, chief executive officer of LCM. “We wanted the brand to be playful, child centered and welcoming, to honor children’s thinking and learning. We’ve worked tirelessly on bringing the new LCM to life and it’s all because we believe in the potential of our community’s youngest citizens.”

The museum on Julia Street in the Warehouse District officially closed its doors on Saturday, July 27 and the new museum in City Park will open its doors on Saturday, August 31 at 12:30 p.m.

“The iconic logo and colors that have been a part of LCM for so many years will be missed, but we have created something that showcases the potential of young children. This has been at the center of every decision made as we have been embarked on this new journey,” said Bland.

Nestled on a lush and beautiful 8.5-acre site in City Park, the new museum will feature five interactive, educational exhibits for children and families focused on literacy, health and wellness, environmental education, and arts and culture. In addition to the indoor galleries, the museum will include a literacy center, a parent-teacher resource center, Acorn, A Dickie Brennan & Co. Café; and outdoor environmental elements. The LCM building is designed for LEED Silver certification.

Louisiana Children’s Museum Reveals New Brand as the Opening Nears on Aug. 31