Louisiana Children’s Museum's New City Park LocationJulia Bland is CEO of the Louisiana Children’s Museum (LCM). The Museum has recently moved to its sleek new building in New Orleans’ City Park. According to Bland, to be successful, a museum must be relevant. She explains that while LCM’s colorful exhibits promote interaction and fun, the museum’s central focus is on education. The beautiful new space contains many unique exhibits that have special relevance to New Orleans. For example, children can learn about water management, good food and nutrition, and how cargo moves in and out of the busy Port of New Orleans.

Despite its name, the LCM does not confine its focus solely to children. “We’ve really made a large investment in working with parents and in thinking more about the caregiver”, Bland notes. “We are trying to produce some useful tools for how those caregivers can help support the learning processes of their children.”

In this podcast, Bland describe the museum’s five major exhibit categories, and she explains how LCM can stimulate curiosity in our children to help them become informed about the world around them.