NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Latter & Blum, Inc., Louisiana’s largest independent real estate brokerage, launched At Home, a digital event series to support local entertainers who lost income from venue closures during COVID-19.

Musicians and other performers have been hit hard financially during the pandemic because most of their income comes from live performances. At Home is Latter & Blum’s contribution to the local community to help these performers connect with audiences at home and enable them to earn some money in the process.

“Our company has always played a role in helping others in troubled times,” said Lacey Conway, CEO of Latter & Blum. “We have incredible entertainers, performers and creators in all of our markets throughout Louisiana — and we also have a community of people who want to help and who are at home seeking connection through entertainment. We see At Home as a perfect way to bridge the two.”


How it works:

At Home is live-streamed on Facebook every other Thursday. Shows are about 45 minutes long. Viewers tune in at show time from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Viewers can support performers by donating to their “virtual tip jars” before, during or after the show. The event page will include links to popular and secure payment apps like Venmo, Cash App, and Paypal.

“I’m super grateful to Latter & Blum for the opportunity to perform and play live music again—I got hope back that I can continue to do what I love in light of the uncertainty within the industry. The support from the virtual tip jar was brilliant—the support from fans allows me to continue creating. And I look forward to experiencing the magic as the tips continue to roll in!” —Lauren Cook

Latter & Blum has performers for At Home lined up through November with plans to continue the series indefinitely. The live performances will feature a wide range of artists including singer-songwriters, bands, storytellers, chefs, and more. Upcoming performers include New Orleans songwriter Andrew Duhon, soul group The Quickening, Panorama Jazz Band and writer Lisa Pasold.

“As a brokerage whose business is ‘home,’ promoting artists to play for people at home felt right,” said Cheryl McAdam, General Operations Manager for Latter & Blum. “We’re happy to be able to help our community in a meaningful way during hard times.”


More information and a full detailed line-up of entertainers is available on