With summertime in full swing (which means life slows down a bit for us), and the wedding blues beginning to creep in, Doug and I decided we wanted to begin a new blog series.  As many of you know, we were just married two months ago. Because we’ve been wedding photographers for about 10 years — we thought we really understood weddings pretty well.  However, after experiencing it first hand, we certainly had our eyes opened completely, and we now have so much respect for all of the planning that goes into pulling off a fabulous wedding.  We were so lucky to have worked with some of the best vendors the city has to offer.  I keep saying that our whole wedding week was 99.9 percent perfect, and our honeymoon was 70 percent good!  Trust me, the stories will follow, but the short story of the honeymoon was that Doug spent half the trip sick.  🙁  We’d have rather it happen that way, though, because we’ll travel again, and definitely make up for it.

We learned so much on our 15 month journey from fiancé and fiancée to husband and wife, we figured we’d share it all with you.  We’ve already mapped out a plethora of information that we plan to blog about and let you in on.  And I’m sure we’ll think of other things we’ve forgotten as we go.  I’m really excited about this series, though!  My intent had been to blog about our experiences as we were planning, but as anyone that’s a bride right now knows, weddings tend to consume you!  Not to mention, we were merging our businesses together last year, too.  I feel like it’s going to be more relaxing now and therapy of sorts for me.  I kept saying during the process that I felt like I’d be the type to have the wedding blues after, and it wasn’t until the last week or so that I began to feel them creeping in.  This project will allow me to keep reliving it a little while longer.  🙂  I hope you’ll find some of our information helpful in planning your own wedding.  Make sure to drop by and leave comments, let us know you’re reading and following — I don’t want to feel like Julie from “Julie and Julia”!    The first official post will be coming your way soon!!  

This blog post was originally published June 19, 2012 on artedevie.com.