The 21st century technology takeover has embraced the wedding world tenfold. And what is one thing that links Facebook, Twitter and Instagram together? The hashtag. Wedding hashtags have become somewhat of an art form. It’s almost expected to take the names of the bride and groom and transform them into a witty play-on-words. Recently, a friend got engaged. When a few of us were talking about the excitement and impending nuptials, one of the first statements made was “we have to think about your hashtag!” It has become ingrained in us as disciples of technology that these things are almost as essential as the flowers or the photographer.

So, what is a hashtag, do you need one and how can you maximize this feature to your full advantage?


Simply, hashtags have the ability to pull pictures, tweets, statements, and more together into one place on most of today’s social media platforms. The reason hashtags have become so popular in the wedding world is because it pulls together all of your wedding tweets and pictures making them easy to find.

Hashtags are certainly not necessary for a wedding, your Big Day will still go as planned and everything will still be beautiful – even without the witty hashtag. If you or your bridal party does end up finding the perfect combination of Jack and Jill Smith there are several ways to get the most out of this little detail.


  1. Utilize Instagram: Make sure all of your wedding guests are in the know about the #SmittenForSmith hashtag, so when they upload their pictures to Instagram you are able to find and save the memories. PrintStudio.com is an excellent app and website where you can create high quality prints of your Instagram photos.
  2. Wedding Décor: Utilizing your hashtag in different frames or chalkboard art around the ceremony and reception spaces help couples add adorable details that can add to the design or fill certain areas lacking in decoration. Hire a company such as SmallChalk to bring your hashtag to life with a custom designed chalkboard for the wedding. Stunning details, wedding colors and designs representing the couple can all be incorporated and make for a great keepsake.
  3. Finders Keepers: Don’t forget to make sure your wedding hashtag has not been used before. You want to go for something original so after the party is over it’s easier to find all of your guests pictures. If someone has already taken #SmithPartyOfTwo it’ll be extremely difficult to find pictures of you and your grandma in the middle of other random pictures.



Hashtags, like most things on social media, are meant to be a fun detail to bring people together. They are not supposed to be stressful or embarrassing. Embrace the hashtag or forget completely about it, it’s up to you. But if you embrace it, make sure you get the most out of #SmittenForSmith. 




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