“Being involved in the community has not only allowed me to befriend people from all different backgrounds and upbringings, but it has also forced me to see the struggles and misfortune that are eminent in society,” says Maggie Malone, who graduated from The Academy of the Sacred Heart in May 2016.

Volunteering at the Patrick F. Taylor Hope Lodge has allowed Malone to directly come in contact with cancer patients and caregivers that Malone can help with her dedication to Relay for Life. “I have become close to some of the cancer patients and shared many memories with them,” says Malone “those people serve as constant reminders to me of how important my dedication to Relay for Life is.”

Being a part of Relay for Life, Malone has learned a lot about cancer and the struggles that it entails, and it has encouraged her to inform others and make it their concern as well. This past year, Malone was a part of the Relay for Life NOLA Youth Planning committee, where she helped plan the 2016 fundraiser at Sacred Heart.

“As more people immerse themselves into their own community, the potential for the community increases. People need not be concerned solely with their own life, but also invest interest in the lives of others within their community,” says Malone.

Lorraina Aldridge, the director of Patrick F. Taylor Hope Lodge, inspired Malone to continue her activism. Aldridge battled cancer and lost her hair during chemotherapy a few years back, but survived. She came back healthy with a passion to help others. Her love and dedication to the cause is prominent in her everyday work ethic.

Malone will be attending Fordham University in New York and plans to get involved at the Dorothy Day Center they have on campus, as well as continue her time with the American Cancer Society. Even though she is undecided on her career path in life, Malone is interested in pursuing medicine for the betterment of society and to continue helping people.