Don and Linda Guillot are a unique couple with unique skills: they do the make-up and wig designs for the New Orleans Opera. The couple has been practicing their art together for more than 20 years. Don believes they are the only husband and wife team of this type in the country. Although they work in other cities, Don and Linda's home is with the New Orleans Opera. We recorded this podcast just before the opening night of Bizet's dramatic opera, Carmen. Don and Linda describe their art  and explain how much work goes into applying make-up and styling wigs for operatic productions. Linda notes that make-up styles have changed through the years. In contrast to earlier styles, today's operatic make-up looks natural. Because each principal performer requires about 30 minutes for hair and make-up, scheduling everyone properly is an important aspect of the couple's work.  As they share behind-the-scenes stories, Don and Linda give us a rare glimpse into the complexities of make-up and wig design that are so vital to creating memorable operatic characters onstage.


Listen to the Podcast here