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Makeup Ideas from the Pros

Even if you’re an expert at putting on eyeliner, or you know the best way to apply bronzer, it can be hard to get the exact look you want without the help of a professional. We asked four makeup artists to reveal some of the secrets of their craft and how they used them to create the beautiful looks pictured here.

Look 1

Makeup Artist: Christine Lombardo of Just Face It Beauty

How She Got The Look: “Some brides need a lot of guidance and others come in with photos and know more or less what they want. The bride in the photograph wanted to be her very best self. She wanted a very natural and not overdone look.  

“I started with airbrush foundation which is a way to create a flawless look with a no makeup feel. It’s High Definition compatible so it’s undetectable by the camera. It also lasts between 16 to 24 hours and stands up well against all temperatures and humidity no matter what your skin type. It’s water resistant so it won’t break down with sweat or tears.

“Then I wanted to bring definition to the eyes and lips without using strong color so I used highlighters and eye shadows in neutral tones. For the lips, I used a long wear base and added a very light lip gloss to create fullness in a natural way. The lip products were from the same color family as the rest of the makeup but in a different tone to show up in the photos.  

“I did some more contouring of the face with highlighter and bronzer and then we were ready for a little high definition powder which minimizes pores and deflects light to create a flawless finish.  

“All the bride had to do was reapply a little lip color and check her T-zone for shine before her three most photographed moments: 1) before walking down the aisle, 2) arriving at the reception and 3) cutting the cake.”

To learn more about Just Face It Beauty, visit justfaceitbeauty.com.

Look 2

Makeup Ideas from the ProsMakeup Artist: Meggan Ory of Makeup by Meggan    

How She Got The Look: “If you applied makeup to two people but only one using primers, there would be a huge difference at the end of the evening. They really work to make sure the makeup doesn’t sweat or wear off. I always prime everything: eyes, lips and face.

“Before applying the primer though, I make sure the skin is cleansed, exfoliated and smooth in texture. Next I apply a moisturizer that also adds a luminescence to the skin. Then I prime.  

“For foundation, I chose a mineral powder foundation; you can achieve great coverage while looking so natural. Next waterproof everything: eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara.

“For the brows I used a special wax, which won’t sweat or drip off and creates the definition most people need.  
“As far as the lips go, the primer will ensure that the lip color won’t bleed and extends the wear during the evening. Then I recommend a lip stain for color integrity all day, topped with a lipstick that can still provide shine, if that’s the look you want. For the beach though, don’t use a lip gloss; it’s too sticky and the sand will get caught in it.  

“The last two things are a mineral veil translucent setting powder and an all-nighter setting spray. No matter how hot, humid or windy, this makeup is going to stay put and perfect!”

Find out more about Makeup by Meggan by calling 473-7263 or by visiting makeupbymeggan.com.

Makeup Ideas from the ProsLook 3

Makeup Artist: Betsy Boone of Betsy Boone Beauty

How She Got The Look: “This bride had a summer wedding in New Orleans with a second line, so we knew we had to deal with the perspiration, heat and the dust and dirt of being outside.

“First I prepped her skin: face, neck and décolletage with Embryolisse. Then I used a special eye cream that contains caffeine to hydrate the area and make sure its stays smooth. Next, I used a foundation with SPF and a highlighter to create structure and frame the face.

“For eyes, I highlighted the inner corners of the eye and built up the color toward the outside to create the doe-eyed effect. I framed the eye with two different shades of eye pencils; the blacker liner on the upper lashline opened the eye, while the coppery brown liner was on the lower lashline.

“For brows, I used a brow pencil and brow powder to intensify the look.  I applied false eyelashes that flared on the outside to make the eyes look larger.

“When it comes to blush I prefer a cream, because it looks incredibly natural as if you are glowing from within.
“I contoured the jawbone, cheek and collar bones with bronzer for definition. I highlighted the brow, nose, top of the collarbone, tops of the shoulders, shins and calves for a more polished look.

“For lips, I evened out any unevenness with primer and then I used a waterproof lip liner on the outer lip and then covered the entire lip area with it. Next I added some shimmery lip gloss.  

“To set the makeup I used a toning mist; it’s like hairspray for the face. With all that, this bride survived a boiling summer’s day and a second line and still looked fresh and beautiful! We were all happy.”

Contact Betsy Boone Makeup by calling 251-9065, or visit betsyboonemakeup.com.

Makeup Ideas from the ProsLook 4

Makeup Artist: Nicole Turner of Maison de Cheveux Salon

How She Got The Look: “Some brides need help deciding what look to go for so I ask them to bring in photos of looks they love and hate and then we can go through my book to figure out what works best for them.

“The thing I start with is skin tone. Are their undertones pink, yellow or brown?  What color is the dress? Stark white? Eggshell? Ivory? What colors will work well with both?

“This bride doesn’t usually wear much makeup so we went with a mineral foundation that doesn’t sink into the face or cover everything, it’s just like a soft mist over the skin which makes it look smooth and beautiful.

“Next I persuaded her to wear false lashes or ‘wedding lashes.’ People get scared because they think they will look too fake, but these lashes are specifically made to look beautiful and natural, as they do on her. We obviously set them with waterproof adhesive so they wouldn’t come off with any crying.

“I created brow definition without it looking drawn on, by mixing different color powders to match her hair exactly.
“I used a violet brown color shadow to compliment her eyes and contrasted darker and lighter shades on the inside and outside of her lids to create an opened effect.

“For lips you can achieve a really long-lasting, natural look by using a stain. I apply it while I am putting on the rest of the makeup and then wipe it off when I am finished. Next I apply liner and the stain again with gloss on top and it creates an amazingly deep, natural sheer color that you know will stay with you all day and beyond.

“I finished by applying a perfecting light reflecting powder that will take out any glare from the camera. She is a beautiful girl anyway, but I think I enhanced her natural beauty in just the way she wanted.”

Maison de Cheveux is located at 201 St. Charles Ave., Suite 127. Call the salon at 908-4247 or visit maisondecheveux.com.

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